Swat Team


The Reliance swat team is comprised of professionals with decades of Real Estate experience.

They are dispatched to a property prior or immediately after a purchase to implement ways to improve the property whether it means streamlining expenses and or giving the property a cosmetic face lift to raise rents in markets where that would be feasible. Our Swat team has translated into millions of profits by being able to upgrade properties in these ways and executing a strong value add plan.

Shimon Ehrman

Director of Operations, Real Estate Division

Mr. Ehrman brings a combination of experience and enthusiasm to the team at Reliance. As Director of Operations, he oversees the management and operation of all Reliance’s properties. His determination and goal-oriented approach serve him well in managing about 2,500 units spread out throughout the United States. When not analyzing the overall financial performance of his team, Mr. Ehrman’s hands-on style manifests itself in many routine inspections of the physical properties to ensure productivity and organization. All regional managers report directly to him.

Mr. Ehrman’s motto is encapsulated best in the name of his management company: Efficiency! With a constant eye to improvement, Mr. Ehrman is known to uncover ways to improve already efficient platforms, whether through restructuring current systems or generating new ones, all with an inimitable passion for excellence. To date, he has substantially raised the value of a multitude of properties by increasing occupancy and lowering expenses, and correspondingly increasing net operating incomes, all while preserving the quality service that Efficient-managed residents have come to expect. As Reliance expands its property management base, Mr. Ehrman is well-posed to apply his unique style in growing a dynamic, national management company.

David Silber, CPA

Controller, Real Estate Division

David Silber is Controller of Efficient Property Management, the property management division of Reliance Global Holdings which manages about 2,500 units throughout the United States. Mr. Silber is responsible for all financial facets of property operations, capital allocations and development of the properties held by Reliance. He oversees all of the accounting operations of Efficient, including the production of periodic financial reports and maintenance of the accounting records. Mr. Silber mitigates Reliance’s risk by setting up controls and budgets. He is a Certified Public Accountant, received his Master’s degree from Farleigh Dickinson University and a Bachelor’s degree from Beth Medrash Gavoha.

Bill Phillips

Senior Asset Manager, Real Estate Division

Bill Phillips brings 32 years of extremely diversified Asset Management abilities to us, with a strong, strategic focus on property preservation and cost control. Bill identifies opportunities for increased property success by evaluating property amenities, then targeting and implementing carefully selected improvements, replacements and repairs while also identifying and creating strategies for improving the marketing of communities. As part of his attention to cost control, Bill currently heads up the negotiation, implementation and management of corporate purchasing programs for all maintenance and property re-development activities. He also currently oversees a large team of both in- house and contract renovation specialists throughout the portfolio whose purpose is to concentrate on physically improving the properties’ overall integrity and longevity. These approaches continually enhance the overall value of the assets, providing a fresh updated approach as well as long term preservation.

Bill came to us with a strong background in property management at all levels. His past experiences include the development, implementation and management of several large corporate capital (capex) project management programs and proven success in regional property maintenance programs. He has designed and implemented corporate and property-level training programs, as well as many highly cost effective purchasing programs. Bill is also a proven leader with property acquisition and dispositions having been highly involved in these processes throughout his career. Bill has demonstrated ongoing strengths in recruiting, hiring and very successfully managing both in-house and contractor teams to accomplish the continued goals by overcoming the challenges of maintaining the assets at a superior level.

Bill has numerous educational achievements and certifications in the building / property management industry and has continued his education throughout his career. Among these are RSES certifications as well as asbestos and mold mitigation training and certifications.

Bill is currently putting his previous experiences and strategies to work for us here at Efficient Property Management. To continue to find motivation and success, he strives to stay true to a favorite saying that he picked up from a mentor very early in his career. He uses the phrase “You are only as good as your last ballgame” to remind himself and others that while we certainly need to occasionally pat ourselves on the back for our past achievements, our real success stories will come today and tomorrow.

Sara Elgin

Assistant Vice President, Real Estate Division

As Assistant Vice President of Efficient, Reliance Capital’s property management company, Miss Elgin oversees all regional operations in both Georgia and Florida. Her wealth of experience and resourcefulness empower her to supervise and advise the district and area managers in establishing general company policies, aside for her taking an active role in the everyday responsibilities. It is no coincidence that she successfully climbed the corporate ladder from on-site manager to Vice President; her loyalty to her job goes far beyond her obligations.

By capitalizing on her past experiences, Miss Elgin effectively balances the various aspects of the business with her trademark devotion to the company at large. She employs a creative yet sound approach to maintaining resident and staff satisfaction. This, in turn, has increased occupancy and encouraged cooperation from all parties involved. She has maintained the seamless running of financial matters including dealing with income, revenue, collections, occupancy, billing, and maintenance, to name just a few. Her success, which have been clearly demonstrated through a variety of factors, consistently raises property value and increases profitability.